Considerations For A Commercial Laundry Business


If you're looking to set up an owner/operator business then you virtually cannot go wrong if you decide to set up a commercial laundry business; maybe you decide on a coin operated launderette, or you start at the next level with a laundry and ironing buy, or a full service commercial laundry.

It tends to be a recession proof business, as hotels still need innovative bed linen every day and staff need fresh uniforms and work wear.

So let us look at a few ideas to see when you are setting up your business.

Location - If you are fluff and fold Norfolk, va where people are going to drop off laundry for cleaning together with ironing, as well as dry cleaning then you will need a location where there is plenty of parking nearby. Being near to a high footfall traffic area is also a plus. However if you are running a commercial laundry service then you can be out of town as you are going to be collecting and delivering to and from customers.

Services - You will need to talk to your proposed gas, water and utility suppliers to ensure that they can supply adequate services to your premises without the need for expenditure to upgrade the services (Which can be very expensive if you need a larger gas supply fitting as an example).

You will also need to consider space for a water storage space tank to supply your washing machines, and you should check this with your commercial laundry equipment supplier. This is an area that can be overlooked people may need to find space for a 300 to 500 gallon tank. You will also need to check with them as to whether several commercial laundry equipment needs a three-phase power supply.

When it comes to equipment remember to allow space for extra machines for forthcoming expansion. A basic laundry may consist of 6 to 8 washing machines and 6 to 8 tumble dryers. The size of these machines will vary contingent on your throughput and you should consult with your equipment supplier to ensure that you buy the right laundry machines for your proposed loads.

Site need space for hydro extractors and ironing machines. The hydro extractors are used to remove water after the cleansing process, and can be so effective at doing so that sometimes garments can just go straight to the ironing approach.

You will also need an area to store finished goods, as well as an area to store goods awaiting laundering.

The above are definitely the minimum basic points you need to look at when setting up your laundry, but if in doubt about anything check with your laundry equipment supplier.